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AP Calculus

Hello future AP Calculus students!
First, I am so excited that you all signed up to take this class!! It's a fun and challenging class, but you can do it. It is nothing to be scared of. If you are willing to work hard and ask for help, when needed, you will be fine. This class will prepare you for ANY college math class. I have SO many fun resources to use to teach it, and it is the most exciting class I've ever taught. This class will answer that question you may have always had, "Why do we have to learn this?"
For your summer assignment, I decided to save paper and give you some review on Delta Math. This is a website created by a Calculus teacher named Zach Korsyc (not sure about spelling). He is in my Facebook AP group, so I can always ask him things if I have a question. I used this in all my classes last year, and the students actually enjoyed it, because you can look at examples or watch videos on the topic, if you need help solving something.
To start, go to and register. You will create a student account. You need my code, which is  897529. 
Once you get in, select AP Calculus '20-21 and fill out the information. Then, once you are in, you will see 2 assignments. The first one looks like this: 
Image text: Upcoming assignments: AP Calculus Summer Assignment-Trigonometry 0%, Combine Radian Angles 0%, Evaluate Basic Trig Functions (Radians) 0/5, Exact Trig Values Graphically (Radian) 0/5, Rotate Radians and Find Value 0/5, Exact Values 0/5, Exact Values of Reciprocal Trig 0/5, Trig Values with Order of Operations 0/5, Reciprocal Trig Identities 0/5, Find Angles Given Reference Degree/Radians 0/5, Radian Trig Equations (Level 1) 0/3 Due:Aug 05, 8:00 am Mrs. Muse
They are due August 5. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be putting you all into a GroupMe, which will be very useful for us all this year. I will be available all summer for help and do not mind if you message me in the GroupMe. DO NOT WAIT until August to do this! You can work on a little bit each week to keep your skills up through the summer.
Mrs. Muse