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Children's Promise Tax Credit

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For over 150 years, St. Joseph has continued to provide excellent education to the Jackson area while preparing young people to face the world with love and care for their neighbors answering their call from God. We are only able to do this with generous support from our community.


As we conclude this calendar year, please note that Mississippi businesses can contribute up to 50% of their 2022 state taxes to St. Joseph. The State has allocated $8,000,000 for donations, and the limit will be reached quickly so time is of the essence to complete the application.


St. Joseph will be happy to submit the application for you and communicate with the Department of Revenue. All we need is for the completed application to be returned to St. Joe. This revenue stream could be a critical path to increasing teacher salaries while keeping tuition costs low for our families. Any help is appreciated.


For specific details about the program, please read the Eligible Charitable Business Contribution Tax Credit Technical BulletinThe application may be found here. Please return the completed application to the school office, and we will submit to the Department of Revenue.