Summer Reading & Assignments 2024-205 » English 9

English 9

Honors: No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt

Students should read the book and highlight something important/interesting to him/her in EACH chapter.  In a journal, write at least a 6-sentence paragraph telling me why you chose that section to highlight.  For example, tell me what emotions or feelings did it cause you to have, how did it change your perspective on something, how did it expand your knowledge, etc...  You will have a journal entry for each chapter (11 in total).  The entry must be dated and titled.  You will bring your journals and novels on the first day of class.  The novel must be read, annotated, and journaled by August 8, 2024. **You will use these journals all year long, so it needs to be a single subject notebook or composition book.


Regular and Honors English: You must have a copy of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck on the first day of class.  Nothing needs to be read before the start of school.

Of Mice and Men