Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Saint Joseph Catholic School offers a college preparatory curriculum to a diverse community of learners in grades 7-12, committed to academic excellence and the values taught by Jesus Christ.  Founded in 1870 in Jackson, Miss., Saint Joseph Catholic School strives to equip young people for the world while preparing them for Heaven.


Vision Statement

Believing that parents are the primary educators of their children, we consider it a privilege to collaborate with them in this challenge. True to our Catholic traditions, we seek to nurture both the personal and social dimensions of faith as we encourage our students to deepen their relationships with God and to become more responsive to the needs of others.


The goal of St. Joseph Catholic School is to graduate students who aspire to excellence and who are:


  • ethical and skilled decision-makers and problem solvers, motivated to leadership, service and civic responsibility
  • independent thinkers informed and enriched by a core curriculum featuring programs appropriate for our diverse student population
  • appreciators of the visual and performing arts and the spirit of competition
  • life-long learners adaptable to new information and technologies
  • individuals who strive to develop the spiritual, intellectual, civic, emotional and physical dimensions of their lives


As members of the St. Joseph Catholic School community, we (administrators, teachers, parents and students)

hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior and strive to conduct our lives consistent with Catholic values. In addition:


  • students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner as outlined in the school handbook
  • students are expected to master the core objectives outlined for each subject and to develop to their full academic potential
  • parents are expected to be active members of the school community and supportive of school policies so as to become integral partners in their child’s education
  • St. Joseph Catholic School will hire faculty and staff of the highest quality and require participation in continued training and professional development
  • St. Joseph Catholic School will continue to foster a school community rooted in the values of Catholic Education where all can live and learn together