Ms. S. McEachern » Bio


Ms. McEachern was born and raised in Texas and began her volleyball career at Belhaven University in 2017. She set multiple records for her achievements on the volleyball team. While attending Belhaven, she also received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. She is now working on her MBA at Belhaven University this summer.

During her time in Mississippi, she began working for Coqui Volleyball Club her sophomore year. She then began to love the environment of this league and decided to stay in Mississippi. She then received the Assistant Director job and will begin her 4th season with Coqui this coming year. Ms. McEachern has also been running her own volleyball program called "Dig" for Coqui Volleyball, to develop and enhance athletes’ volleyball skills and knowledge.


Ms. McEachern will now step into the role of Head Coach of Bruins Volleyball and secretary for the school.

Outside of the school and volleyball, she visiting family in Texas. She especially enjoys being able to watch her sister play volleyball in Texas. Other interests are shopping, working out with friends, cleaning, going out on the lake, attending Pinelake, and reading books in her free time. Ms. McEachern loves being active and is always on her feet!!!