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Technology in the Classroom

Saint Joseph integrates technology in the classroom

Saint Joseph Catholic School offers an Apple one-to-one program in which every student in all grades are assigned a MacBook Air for use during the academic school year. Students can use their Macs to store electronic textbooks, complete homework assignments and participate in interactive classroom lessons.
In the column on the right you will find the school's Acceptable Use Policy for Technology. After parents and students read the policy, they should print and sign the last page -- turning it into the school BEFORE obtaining their MacBook Air for the school year.
In addition to that, seventh graders are required to take the state accredited ICT course, Information and Communication Technology (Foundations in Technology). Eighth graders are required to take the state accredited STEM, Science,Technology, Engineering and Math course. High school students take a variety of computer electives.
The high school media program -- a group of elective classes in which students write and edit a student newspaper, a school yearbook, a streaming sports radio station and a weekly video newscast -- relies heavily on the Macs. The journalism classes use Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and iMovie to create print, video and audio productions.
All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards or widescreen video monitors that are linked to Apple TV. In addition to the Smart Board, the Math department uses Smart Technologies. A learning management system is used to submit and access homework, quizzes, communication and grades online. The campus is networked for wireless internet.