Gospel Service Program

Gospel Service programs finds students serving others
Service is a value firmly positioned in the mission of Saint Joseph Catholic School.
As an extension of the Catholic Church, we are committed to our work and actions that reflect Gospel values and service to the community for a greater good. Students participate in a wide variety of service activities throughout our community. Students learn that faith is not just a personal response to God’s love, but is also a communal response to love one another as Jesus taught us.
The primary goal of the Saint Joseph Catholic School Gospel Service Program is to foster a love of Christ by developing a student’s God-given talents in service to others. It is our hope that students’ gifts of time and energy will make a positive difference in our community and inspire a life long commitment to help those in need.
Students in Grades 9-12 must complete 30 service hours in accordance with the guidelines. Students in Grades 7-8 must complete 20 hours of service in accordance with the guidelines. Students must complete their Gospel Service requirements in order to fulfill a grade requirement in their religion classes and to proceed to the next grade level.
Service requirements must be completed with a non-profit organization, charity. Additionally, students may earn hours through their parish or church activities. Students cannot fulfill their service requirements through working for family members, friends, neighbors, private businesses or political campaigns.
If you are unsure whether an activity counts as service, contact the service coordinator before you participate in that activity. 
Service opportunities must be completed outside of school hours unless students are participating in a school-sponsored service day or event. Thus, students may not check out of school to complete their service hours.
Gospel Service Documentation
Every Saint Joseph student must log in to www.x2vol.com to record his or her service hour information.  It is the student’s responsibility to log in and submit all of his or her service activities for approval. Additionally, it is his or her responsibility to remember his or her password and submit his or her records in accordance with deadlines.
To submit a service activity, the student is required to provide the following: the name of the organization or activity, the contact person’s name and the contact person’s email. The student must spell the email address correctly in order for the service hours to be verified.  Students can add a phone number to provide further information, but the student's hours will not be approved without proper verification.
If a student’s service hour documentation is found to be falsified regarding the number of hours or the event itself, the student will be assigned additional hours to be completed under the direction of the service coordinator.
What information must I obtain from the supervisor of my service activity?
Answer: A name, phone number and email address must be obtained for the supervisor of your service activity. This must be an adult, and it may not be a parent or relative. For specific cases in which the supervisor is related to the student, please check with the service coordinator.
What are the deadlines to submit service hours?
Answer: Deadlines for service hour submission will be determined according to the academic calendar each year. Deadlines are clearly posted and students are responsible for knowing the deadlines and submitting their hours on time.
Half of the yearly service requirement must be completed in the first semester. Check back for the specific deadlines on this web page.
How do service hours affect religion grades?
Answer: The completion of service hours is counted as a test grade in religion class each semester. Incomplete hours will result in a “0” test grade. Half of the yearly service requirement must be completed in the first semester.
Is there a graduation requirement regarding service hours?
Answer: Yes. Students in Grades 9-12 must earn 30 hours each year for a total for 120 hours to complete the service hour requirement for graduation. If a student has not met these requirements, he or she will not be eligible to graduate.
Can my child earn service hours by helping family members or neighbors with various tasks?
Answer: No. We hope that your child will do things of this nature to support and assist family because it is the right thing to do, not because they want to earn service hours.
Helping with chores around the house, babysitting younger cousins, helping grandma decorate a Christmas tree or mowing an aunt’s lawn are all wonderful. But they do not count for service hours in the Saint Joseph Gospel Service Program.
Can students earn all of their hours during the summer?
Answer: Yes, students may earn all of their hours during the summer as long as they are completed in accordance with the service guidelines. We encourage students to continue their service throughout the school year.
Are there special recognition awards for service hour completion?
Answer: Certainly. At the end of each school year, awards are given for earning twice the amount of required service hours and for the student in each grade who has completed the most service hours.
When a student graduates from Saint Joseph, if he or she has earned twice the amount of required hours during Grades 9-12 (240+), he or she will receive a special red service cord.