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Booster President
Jacinda Roach

Welcome to Bruin Boosters

Please see the side menu for membership levels and media opportunities for Bruin Boosters. 

Parental involvement in Bruin Boosters at all grade levels is vital as we are honored to defray the cost of all students' participation in extracurricular activities.  Athletic excellence is impossible without funding.

I ask that you consider this non-refundable, charitable donation after prayerful consideration.

Please keep in mind that if your child participates in any extracurricular activity at Saint Joe, then your child adds expenses to a budget that is NOT funded by tuition payments.  

Our children have been hard at work all summer to show up and show out on the field.  We need to provide the same commitment and to support those businesses that support us. 

In addition to charitable contributions and media packages available, Booster ALWAYS needs support working sporting events.  

God Bless and Go Bruins