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Welcome to the St. Joe Booster Club


Welcome to all new parents, returning parents and students to St. Joe.

This is an outstanding year and a great time to be a Bruin. Through the Bruin Boosters, you have the opportunity to support the students of St. Joe, and important to all of us, your student. You can be involved by:

  • Paying dues used to fund team, coach, and student needs.
  • Becoming a Parent Ambassador for your athletes’ sport facilitating volunteer signups, identifying equipment and other needs for the team, and becoming the Bruin Boosters’ liaison for that sport – Angela Brown is the Parent Ambassador for Varsity Football and Laura Heilman for Volleyball. We need all sports covered.
  • Becoming a Parent Champion to support the Parent Ambassador in your sports. Whether you have more interest in middle school, JV or Varsity sports, you have a role.
  • Working concessions at games and events.
  • Volunteering to help Danielle Murphy with Spirit wear.
  • Becoming a Community Ambassador acting as liaison between St. Joe and local parishes and communities, and facilitating signup opportunities for Team Builders/Student Athletes to support them.
  • Working on fundraisers including the Fall Bruin Burn 5K and the Spring Golf Tournament.
  • Becoming the Ambassador with F.A.S.T. to learn the St. Joe Arts and coordinate signups for Team Builders/Student Athletes to support St. Joe Arts.
  • Becoming the face of St. Joe in our communities.
  • Demonstrating leadership, support and volunteerism as an example to students.


There will be more.

Bruin Boosters’ mission is to facilitate fundraising, game concessions and other support for the school both in athletics and other areas. We seek to fund projects and needs of the athletic department and the school including large projects that require special fundraising plans. At the heart of Bruin Boosters support is our team of volunteers, currently being built, who run concession stands, cook, run the chains at football games, clean, help with events at St. Joe and our Catholic and surrounding communities, and support the students of St. Joe. We need you for all of this and more. We also want your ideas to make Bruin Boosters more effective and build St. Joe.

In order to be effective, we have open communications between Bruin Boosters and the coaches and administration. The coaches are preparing a list for Athletic Director Michael Howell and the Bruin Boosters of their needs and wants for their sports. The Parent Ambassadors and Champions will also keep Bruin Boosters up to date with the coaches’ and team needs. The coaches will be reaching out to the parents for help, and it is the Bruin Boosters job to step up to the needs. One issue needing attention is making sure parents of players do not work concessions or parking during their athletes’ games.

Recognizing student athletes success and leadership is an important role of Bruin Boosters. This year Bruin Boosters is instituting an award system for Team Builders/Student Athletes who demonstrate outstanding leadership and support for team, fellow Bruins, St. Joe, and our communities. We will award to the Team Builder of the year a $1,000 scholarship. There will also be two other smaller scholarships and additional awards made to selected outstanding Team Builders. The selection process will include input from the Bruin Boosters, the coaches and the administration.

Essential to the success of Bruin Boosters, and seamless support for St. Joe, is having all parents in the school as participating members of Bruin Boosters. The bottom line is we want and need you. All parents of players on the field or the court need to be in the stands. All needs of the school, the athletes and the athletic department need to be met. You can help make that happen. Following the motto “Everyone Steps Up,” we can honor the efforts of all. We need your time and your money. With everyone participating, it all adds up.

We need for you to reinforce to the athletes that Team Builders are expected to excel at their sport as well as at supporting fellow Bruins in other sports and the arts, activities at St. Joe, and the community. Opportunities will be presented for them to support other sports and the arts throughout the year by their attendance and help. Many opportunities to support others through the school, the church, and local communities are always present.

Right now we need you to join Bruin Boosters and become actively involved. In the right-hand column, you will find a link to the Booster Club membership form. Please fill it out, select your membership level and look for Tessy Sanli at the Bruin Boosters table at Meet the Bruins to turn it in. As part of your form, let Bruin Boosters know your volunteer interests. You can also turn it in to the office if you don’t make Meet the Bruins.

Go Bruins, Mike Heilman