Hi! My name is Julianne James and I am a dyslexia therapist at St. Joe. I graduated from Mississippi College in 2017 with a B.A. in Secondary English Education and taught seventh grade English for one year.
After seeing many students with dyslexia struggle in the classroom, I decided to earn a second degree for dyslexia therapy. I completed over 820 hours of both clinicals and coursework, and graduated with a M.Ed. in Dyslexia Therapy in 2019. I am accredited by the Academic Language Therapy Association as a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT).
I am currently working toward an Ed.S. degree in Psychometrics with the hopes of being able to evaluate and diagnose students for dyslexia, and then carry out therapy after their diagnosis.
I serve students in grades 7-12 at St. Joe and I am so passionate about building students’ confidence and teaching them that their learning difference can be a strength rather than a weakness.
My hobbies include playing with my dog, listening to live music, shopping, cooking, spending hours in Barnes and Noble, and traveling to my hometown of Florence, AL to visit my family.