Parent Association (PA)

Parent Association
St. Joseph Catholic School Parent Association was formed to encourage parents, teachers, and students to cooperate in appreciating the ideals of the Catholic community. The PA has 4 areas of focus. First the PA promotes fellowship among parents, teachers, students and administrators. Another focus of PA is to provide opportunities for strengthening parent-child relationships. The PA also encourages active interest and participation in the Parent Association by all parents or legal guardians and teachers. The PA is also charged with undertaking projects that will benefit the general welfare of the school with the aid of faculty, administrators and students.
Membership in the PA is open to any parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled at St. Joseph Catholic School, members of the faculty and staff, the president, and the principal. There are no separate assessments for dues; however,
a portion of the activities fee paid by each family at the beginning of the school
year is remitted to the PA as dues.

2013-2014 PA Board
Madeline Katool – President
Danielle Murphy – President-Elect
Leslie LeDoux – Immediate Past President
Shanda Walenta – Secretary
Dana Caskey – Vice President, Community
Arista Evans – Vice President, Grade Coordinators
Carol Walker – Vice President, Hospitality
Mimi Speyerer – Vice President, Recruitment
Ursula May – Vice President, Teacher Support
Marsha Dieckman – Vice President, Ways and Means

Click here for the St. Joseph Donation Form 2013-14
Click here for the St. Joseph PA Reimbursement Form 2013-14