Middle School Cheerleading
The Middle School Cheerleader squad consists of 14 girls who are dedicated to the sport of cheer. To be chosen for the squad, interested girls must apply and tryout. Tryouts take a week with a guest judge helping finalize the team. The squad attends camp each summer where, last year, they received the coveted Spirit Stick and a Superior rating. Last year, the girls qualified to attend the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade. They anticipate cheering the Middle School teams on to victories this school year.

Mrs. Cofer is in her sixth year of coaching the Middle School Cheerleaders. They have an additional coach, Mrs. Rachael Cole, who has years of experience coaching and was a cheerleader for the University of Southern Mississippi.

Varsity Cheerleading
St. Joseph Varsity Cheerleaders are selected through a week long tryout process during the spring. All cheerleaders serve as representatives of St. Joseph Catholic School and shall conduct themselves in such a manner. They cheer for our Bruins above all other teams. Cheerleaders are present to support the Varsity football team and Varsity basketball team as well as performances at other St. Joe events.

Coach Emily Bechtold joined the St. Joseph family this year and looks forward to growing the cheerleading program to be even more impressive in the coming years. Having been a cheerleader for 12 years and having prior experience as a coach, she is eager to share her skills and knowledge with the St. Joe Cheerleaders.

Cheerleading Summer Camp
2014 Cheer Camp Forms