Middle School Basketball
There is both a girls and a boys Middle School Basketball teams. Any seventh or eighth grade student can sign up to join, and tryouts are held in late fall. Each team plays around 10 games a season and practice is held after school.

The boys team is coached by Mr. Tyler O’Hara. The girls team is coached by Ms. Keyshara Rouser.
Middle School Basketball Schedule 2013-14

Varsity Basketball
There are three high school basketball teams: Boys Varsity, Boys Junior Varsity, and Girls Varsity. Students in grades 9 through 12 can tryout for one of the teams; and tryouts are generally held at the end of the previous school year. Students are then expected to attend summer training at the school and any summer scrimmages. During the school year, practice takes place after school, in the late fall.

The boys teams are coached by Mr. Nick Stamps, who is assisted by Mr. Tyler O’Hara. The girls teams are coached by Mrs. Tina Foust.

Varsity Basketball Schedule 2014-15