Choral Music

The choral music program consists of a high school (grades 9-12) performing choir and introductory level music instruction to all 7th and 8th grade students. The choral program offers students opportunities to improve their musical knowledge by listening to and analyzing various types of music, reading and notating music, and performing music. Students will study vocal techniques that will allow them to better use their voice as an instrument.

The choir will have several opportunities to perform throughout the school year; including school masses and performances in the community and for the school. The choir will also perform in “Gifts of the Season” in December, and in the spring concert in April.

The St. Joseph choir is under the direction of Mrs. Molly Windham. Mrs. Windham has been with the school for two years. Her mission is to see every student succeed in music and hopefully come to understand and love music in a new way.