School Retreats

Retreat Team

  • Comprised of students in grades 10-12
  • Large group divided into smaller groups – each group plans one high school  retreat and one elementary retreat
  • Groups meet regularly two    months  prior to retreat date
  • Learn about your faith and    share it with others!

Retreat Team members are students who are committed to a good Christian life and desire to share their faith with other students. These students have the opportunity to grow and improve their leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork, creativity, and spiritual life. Their talents are used to lead Retreat groups and to foster continual spiritual life in the St. Joseph community. Retreat Team members are selected through the Campus Ministry program.

Senior Retreat 2009


Retreat Schedule

October 19  –  7th Grade

November  8  –  Senior Class Retreat

November 16  –  8th Grade

January 25  –  Freshman Class

February 16   –  Sophomore Class

March 2 –   Junior Class