The Stanford Achievement Test is administered to students in grades 7 and 8 measuring student performance in reading, mathematics, language skills, spelling, study skills, science, social studies, listening and thinking skills.  The Otis Lennon School Ability Test is administered to all 7 and 8 grade students.

Achievement and Ability Testing provide St. Joseph Catholic School with an accurate measure of growth and achievement of individuals.

EXPLORE:  is administered to all freshman.  Explore assists students in academic planning, preparing for the ACT, and career exploration.

PLAN: is administered to all sophomores. This test provides valuable information for career choices and assists in preparing students for the taking of the ACT. St. Joseph students traditionally score above the national average.

PSAT/NMSQT: All juniors and sophomores by request take this standardized examination. St. Joseph students consistently score above national standards.  The PSAT/NMSQT is a standardized test that provides practice for the SAT and identifies potenital candidates for scholorships from NMSC.

ACT: Most students take the American College Test during their junior or senior years. The previous five years mean score ranges from 22 to 24, several points above the local, state, and national averages.

SAT: Some St. Joseph seniors and juniors take the Scholastic Aptitude Test examination required by certain out-of-state universities. Students routinely score in the above average range.

AP: Advance Placement exams are administered in May for advance placement in college.