Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of twenty-eight Carnegie units. These must include the following courses plus six and one-half units of electives.

  • English:  4 units
  • Mathematics:  4 units
  • Science:  4 units
  • Religion:  4 units
  • Social Studies:  4 units
  • Foreign Language:  2 units
  • Business Technology:  1 unit
  • Fine Arts:  1 unit
  • Comprehensive Health:  ½ unit
  • Public Speaking:  ½ unit
  • Keyboarding:  proficiency
  • Physical Education: ½ unit


The remaining units are Electives. Electives and required courses must
add to graduation requirements listed above.

  • Students are expected to carry a minimum of 7 units each year.
  • Students must pass ALL classes each year or attend a recognized summer program.
  • School transcripts include ALL grades, attendance and standardized test scores.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 120 hours of Gospel Service.

Service Requirement of 30 hours are required each year of high school.
Yearly attendance at grade level retreats is required.
The principal may grant exceptions to the above requirements for transfer students.