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Adkins, Becky
Director of Alumni Relations and Volunteer Coordinator

Alzamora, Norma
Spanish I and Spanish II

Banks, Mary
Campus Ministry, Humanities, US History

Barnes, Keith

Bechtold, Emily
Computer Applications, Cheerleading, Entrepreneurship, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Global Marketing

Biard, Brad
AP Biology, Biology I, Biology I H
Women’s Soccer Coach

Bingham, Elise
English 7, English 7H

Boshers, Russell
Social  Studies 8

Bourn, Mary Ann
Technology Coordinator

Brennan, Br. John
Religion 11, U.S. Government

Broderick, Suzi
Middle School Resource, Compensatory Reading  I-II
Compensatory Writing  I-II

Buckley, Janine
Algebra II, Geometry

Callahan, Carolyn
Director of Finance 

Case, Natalie
Literature 7
Dance Team Coach

Cassreino, Terry
Literature 8
Journalism, Yearbook, Newspaper

Cofer, Brenda
Social Studies 7
Social Studies Chair

Collins, Lauri
Director of Advancement

Constancio, Shelbi
Geometry, Statistics, ACT Prep

Cooper, Terri
Religion 7
Director of Middle School

Delaski, Ann
Transition to Algebra
Algebra I H

DeLoach, Judy
Pre Algebra
Pre Algebra H
Math Chair

Demmin, Dwayne
Men’s Soccer Coach

Dickson, Sue
World History

World History H

Dillon, Dennis
Calculus, Geometry H, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

Dodson, Mary
Middle School Resource, Compensatory Reading I-II
Compensatory Writing I-II
Director of Resource

Drumright, Jana
Chemistry I, Biology I, Physical Science

Fertitta, Mindy
Athletic/Booster Club Coordinator

Foust, Tina 
Algebra II, Economics

Garrard, Kristi
Director of Admissions

Gibson, Debra

Godfrey, Flip
Athletic Director, Football Coach

Harris, Joe
Science 8

Harris, Toni
Visual Arts 7, Art I, II, III, IV
Girl’s Volleyball

Hill, Rachel 
AP Language, English 11 H, English 11
Contemporary Literature

Hosler, Matt
Creative Writing, Mythology,
Latin Intro, I, II, III, IV

Jones, Brooke
Human Anatomy & Physiology, Botany/Zoology

Grantham, Heather
English 9, English 9 H

Juhas, Mike

Kenyon, Rachael
Introduction to Theatre, I, II, III, IV
Theatre 7, Theatre 8
Dance, Dance 8

King, Linda
Media Specialist, AP English Literature
English Chair

King, Sarah

Kinsey, Dena
Religion 8

Lauber, Br. Dan
Counselor: 10-12
Director of Guidance

Messner, Ann
Administrative Assistant

Miracle, Tracy
Administrative Assistant

Mitchell, Tanita
English 8, Literature 8, Psychology, Sociology

Moorehead, Bridget
Religion 12

Mordica, Sr. Marion

Mustain, Barbara
Religion 10, Religion 11
Religion Chair

Naylor, Bobbi
French I, II, III, IV

Ogden, Lynn
Physical Education 7, 8, 9, Health
Physical Fitness Chair

O’Hara, Tyler
English 12, English 12 H, Literature in Film
Middle School Football and Basketball Boys Coach

Papale, Charlene

Technology Coordinator Assistant
Records and Transcripts
Liturgy Coordinator

Piazza, Anne
Counselor: 7-9

Purvis, Kenner
Football Coach, Athletics

Ransom, Ruth
After School Care

Reller, Aaron
Spanish III, IV
Foreign Language Chair
Student Council Advisor
Assistant to the Principal
Coordinator of Student Life

Russell, Ronald
Band 7-8, High School Band, Jazz Band
Band Director, Fine Arts Chair

Stringer, Jamie
Facility Director

Terry, Katherine
Science 7

Theriot, Chance
AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Physics
Physics, Chemistry

Thomas, Cathy

AP U.S. History, AP Geography, Economics
Dance Team Coach

Todd, Miller

Physical Education, Personal Finance,
Baseball/Football Coach

Turner, Lou Ann
Pottery I, II

Walberg, Bill

Public Speaking
Introduction to Speech & Debate

Walberg, Pam

Mississippi Studies, World Geography,

Windham, Molly
Choir 7, 8
Choral Music

Wissel, David
Religion 9, Religion 11
Athletic Administrator

Weissinger, Amanda
English 10 H, English 10,
ACT Prep