About St. Joe


St. Joseph Catholic School dates back to 1870 when Father Henry A. sj-academy-18701Picherit built a temporary school consisting of two classrooms.  The original enrollment was fifty-six students. In the fall of 1870, five Sisters of Mercy came from Vicksburg to staff the small school which was called St. Joseph Academy. Sister Mary Vincent Browne was the first principal. The enrollment increased with the years and several rooms were added to the structure.

A new school was built in 1914 under the direction of Father Charles A. Oliver. st-joe-1932In 1932 the Sisters of Mercy turned the school property over to the Diocese of Natchez. There was a great need at that time for a new building, so plans were made for a brick structure. Bishop Richard Gerow dedicated the new school in 1933.

st-joe-boling-st-1965In the summer of 1965, the school was moved from its location on Amite Street to Boling Street. A central Junior High School was created in 1989 at a site on Holly Drive, near St. Richard Church and grammar school. This newly constructed facility housed the 7th and 8th grades.st-joe-holly-dr-1996-bw

From 1996-1998, the two campuses were temporarily located at the Holly Street location during the construction of a new campus. In the fall of 1998, the middle and high school moved to sixty-five acres in Madison, Mississippi.

Currently the campus consists of eight buildings: Administration, three classroom buildings, Cafeteria, Gymnasiam, Fine Arts/Performing Arts Complex and a Field House. A campus Chapel is in the planning stages.